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Moving House & Tranzorap

June 7, 2022

Moving House & Tranzorap

House moves using Tranzorap

Here in the office at Flexible Reinforcements we have a collective house move tally of 23 moves. That’s an average of 3.3 moves for each of us – so far. The average number of moves for people in the UK is a whopping 8 moves during their lifetime. Reasons vary – from moving closer to family, amenities or work, but the process remains the same. Incredibly stressful. In fact, moving home is the third most stressful event – after divorce and death. Even with all the stress, approximately 11% of us in the UK move in any one year which is almost 3,000,000 households!

It’s easy to see why it’s so stressful when you break down the costs and the inevitable tasks and organisation required for a successful move. It’s been found that the average weight of items moved in a house move is 2,700 kg. This is equivalent to the weight of an average sized elephant. Bear this in mind if you’re considering moving yourself without the services of a professional mover! That’s a lot of moving, and it’s worth considering how it’s going to be done. Protecting the items you are taking with you, the property you’re leaving and the property you are moving to, along with weighing up how to make the move easier and less time consuming will help make the big day less stressful.

Our Top Tips for a REDUCED stress move :

  • Use TRANZORAP sliders to move your heavy goods, or use a professional moving firm (that use Tranzorap!). Not only do these products protect your floor, they allow for easy moving of heavy items, making the time to move quicker and the physical stress significantly reduced.
  • Ensure your goods are insured during transit and in their new location. You don’t need any additional costs – this is costly enough already.
  • Get your post re-directed.
  • Make sure you take meter readings at both your old and new property and keep them safe.
  • Make your bank, loan providers, pensions, card providers etc. aware of your new address.
  • Transfer your TV licence to cover your new home.
  • Inform your telephone, broadband and digital TV provider.
  • Tell the DVLA and get your driving licence updated.
  • Change the address on anything you subscribe to – go through a bank statement to make sure you don’t miss anything e.g. magazines etc.
  • If possible get your children and any pets looked after on the day of the move as it will be very stressful for them too.
  • Finally, and possibly most importantly, pack an ’emergency’ box of wine, beer, kettle, cups, teabags etc. and take it with you, at least you can have a drink when you get to your new home! This box should clearly be with you in the car and not loaded onto a van. Protect this box at all costs!

If you have any queries about our TRANZORAP products, drop us an email at sales@flexr.co.uk or contact me directly at clare@flexr.co.uk and I’ll be happy to chat house moves….having already completed 8 myself (I bumped the average up significantly), I can appreciate the need you have for our product.



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