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Phthalate free version of our Stationery range

June 3, 2015
June 3, 2015 Simon

We have introduced a Phthalate free version of our Stationery range which is now available from stock….

…The reason for this is to comply with EU REACH specifications concerning plasticisers which are due to come into effect in 2015. The plasticiser used in our original Stationery range is DOP/DEHP, the plasticiser in the new range will be DOTP (non-phthalate) DOTP is the plasticiser we have been using for over 5 years in non-Stationery products we supply to the toy/nursery market, so it was the natural choice for us to move our Stationery range over to the DOTP plasticiser. As you are probably aware the two plasticisers DEHP and DOTP are incompatible and should not, in any circumstances, be used together as it would cause distortion of the finished product.

As is the case now with DEHP our DOTP range could be used in conjunction with other supplier’s product which has the same plasticiser. The DOTP range will be delivered in its own distinct wrapping (Yellow Polythene) so it can be clearly identified once it goes into your stock, each roll will also have a DOTP label inside the core. We will continue to run the DEHP range in the short term but it will gradually be phased out.

Please call our team on 01282 478222 or email  sales@flexr.co.uk to request a swatch.


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