Wavespan Strip Curtain PVC

Wavespan is a revolutionary alternative to traditional heavyweight strips for all internal applications. Wavespan consists of 305mm wide strips of clear, lightweight flame retardent (20T only) PVC reinforced with high tenacity nylon. Being lightweight, Wavespan allows easy access for pedestrians, vehicles and loads. The nylon reinforcement ensures that it is tough enough for the job.

Wavespan is so easy to set up that you can install it yourself. It can be fixed by staple gun to a simple wooden frame or horizontal wooden beam. This eliminates the need for the expensive metal fittings necessary for the traditional heavyweight strips.

Wavespan cuts out draughts and retains heat, therefore saving energy and helping to keep down fuel bills.

Wavespan 20T
Roll size 305mm x 50m
Is a light weight flame redardent PVC reinforced with nylon

Wavespan 35 coldstore
Roll size 152mm x 50m
Roll size 305mm x 50m
Is a unique PVC strip, remaining flexible at temperatures between -35°C and +50°C

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